Hostpaedia FAQs (7)
What you need to know before dealing with Hostpaedia.
Virtualizor (3)
All you need to know about this powerful Virtualization tool
VPS Server (3)
All the information regarding VPS Server from Hostpaedia.
Difference between OpenVZ, XEM and KVM.
1) OpenVZ is a OS Level virtualization meaning it runs on the Hostnodes Kernel. It can run...
What is Virtualizor?
Softaculous Virtualizor is a VPS Management Panel. Virtualizor is ideal for Web Hosting companies...
Changing Account Settings in Virtualizor Panel.
Login to your Virtualizor Panel, click on "Settings" and then choose the language, theme and...
What we offer as a Fully Managed VPS Management service?
Network InfrastructureManaged HardwareInstallation and Support of Core Software PackagesCore...
Which Virtualization techniques does Virtualizor support?
Virtualizor supports OpenVZ, XEN and KVM Virtualization Techniques.Know more about these...

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